OPA Ingredients

We are a company of German origin and traditions focused in food technology. We have offices, processing plants and R&D in Central America and the United States.

Our passion: Create unique blends that enhance the natural and latin flavors of the food industry through state of the art ingredients and technology.

OPA Ingredients is part of Bremen Capital Group, Inc. based in Weston Florida, USA.

Focused on food technology,  we are dedicated to providing  solutions to the food industry with our range of ingredients  and personalized technical assistance with a team of experts.

At OPA Ingredients, we  create and produce innovative ingredients and blends tailored to our customers. Our formulas are developed  with the authentic and delicious flavors of the Latin American food. We provide our clients a wide variety of products and ingredients  like, seasonings, marinades and rubs  for meat and poultry; spices, colors and seasonings for snacks; enhancers for bakery; and hot sauces, soups, dressings and coating systems for  food service. In addition,  we offer functional ingredients and a wide palette of natural colors.

Having a multidisciplinary team and strategic partnerships with ingredient companies around the globe, we are  at the forefront on innovation and quality.

Knowing our customers and understanding their specific project objectives is key.  That is why we differentiate ourselves by having a highly interactive R&D team which works closely with our customers.


In 1952 Curt Hermann Eyl founded business partnerships representing  pharmaceutical, agro-chemicals and food ingredients in Central America. As a German immigrant, his immediate contribution to the business community was to share German technology with local businesses of all sizes.

In the food sector, the company started providing services to the meat and poultry industries. As years passed, it has been very rewarding to witness the steady and sustained growth of our customers. Since then,  our company has been growing as OPA Ingredients, providing solutions to major local and multinational corporate groups in Central America and Florida, developing transcendental ingredients and flavors for the meat, snack, baking and foodservice industries.